For 25 years E.V. has been the office manager at Rioned Foundation. As a gift for her 25th anniversary, her employer commissioned a film about her life. In an 8 minute short film, her family, friends and colleagues speak about her past, the intense connection with her (90-year old mother) and a new found love in the USA. A fake-filmplan enabled us to work undercover and interview Edwine for her own film.

I directed and edited the film. The camerawork was done by Ralph Lindsen.

E.V. (50) is always there to for everyone. Family, friends and colleagues speak about her dedication, perfectionism, a broken marriage, single parenting and her unlimited optimism. Now the children have left the house and her ageing mother requires a lot of care, a new love appears in her life. 9000km away, from everything that is.