Hack the Brain

Hack the brain is a recurring hackathon by Waag society and Total Active Media. I produced a video ‘showreel’ for winning new partners and a short documentary. Music was composed and produced by Peter Lok.

AAMU exhibition film

A series of interviews with guest curators of the Aboriginal Art Museum (AAMU) about the relationship between Aboriginal art and western art.

To enable museum visitors to ‘check in’ at any moment I created shorts. Every 2 minutes there’s a new introduction with a new speaker.

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00:00 Edwin Jacobs
02:11 Kitty Zijlmans
04:54 Theo Kuijpers
06:58 Arjon Dunnewind
09:04 Tijs Goldschmidt
12:00 Bob Negrijn
14:23 Wouter Welling
16:28 Roy Villevoye


A series of 3 video reports for Northsea Foundation, focused on children. Based on existing and newly produced footage, I made new edits and created introduction animations.

Music & sounds: Marc Raaphorst Animations: Sandra Verkaart Redactie: Ike Span Camera: Carlo Roscam Reporter: Jeroen Cooiman