I fish I knew!

Vist ik het maar! – ‘I fish I knew!’ – is a Knowledge platform by the Dutch NGO Prosea Marine Education, building bridges between science and commercial fisheries.

One of the most pregnant issues in achieving sustainable commercial fisheries, is that scientists and fishermen seem to live on separate planets. Each have their own perception of the truth. For Prosea Marine Education I developed a knowledge platform, with the primary goal of connecting theory & practice.

Together with the fishermen, science is translated into practical knowledge (dossiers). For fisheries education, teachers can compile a course, made available on a generated website & indexed PDF.

A project with Arthur Remacle (design) and Artventus (technical development).


Catching The Potential

In the project ‘Catching The Potential’ Prosea Marine Education works towards a European standard for sustainable fisheries education. The purpose of the website was to publish project results and financial statements, but a flip-over in the client’s office stated “Join the revolution”.

We shifted the focus towards a website that engages potential participants to join the project. Graphic designer Diego Valle provided a ‘vivid’ colour palette and an expressive logo. The clients limited time for public communication was used for a quarterly newsletter. Via the LaPosta API newsletters are published on the website.


mockup image

Don’t PSD2 me!

PSD2-me-niet (Don’t PSD2 me!) is a project by the Privacy First foundation which aims to provide consumers with more control over which bankingdata can be shared under the European PSD2 directive. The first step is to onboard organizations that deal with very sensitive data, so their transactions can be filtered.

In the design we looked for a balance between technology, banking and activism. For a consisten experience, all typography and interaction sizes are made to match every device. The logodesign and colourpalette is done by Jochem Duyff.


PSD2-me-niet Mockup

Flow screencast

Claim & Care

Claim & Care is an expert in social security and helps insurance companies reducing the costs of absenteeism and disability. From the awareness that Claim & Care is not dealing with ‘cases’, but with the welfare of individual people, the goal was to give these people a central role in the process.

The resulted was an honest, clear and transparent story, while individuals are actively getting involved in the process. A trust based relationship raises the chances of a good result for the individual and provides the most accurate reassessment by the UWV (government body).

I delivered the proposition, identity, website, copy and a sales pitch. Joris Roovers helped with the research and the proposition. The identity was designed in cooperation with Artventus.



For 25 years E.V. has been the office manager at Rioned Foundation. As a gift for her 25th anniversary, her employer commissioned a film about her life. In an 8 minute short film, her family, friends and colleagues speak about her past, the intense connection with her (90-year old mother) and a new found love in the USA. A fake-filmplan enabled us to work undercover and interview Edwine for her own film.

I directed and edited the film. The camerawork was done by Ralph Lindsen.

E.V. (50) is always there to for everyone. Family, friends and colleagues speak about her dedication, perfectionism, a broken marriage, single parenting and her unlimited optimism. Now the children have left the house and her ageing mother requires a lot of care, a new love appears in her life. 9000km away, from everything that is.

Hack the Brain

Hack the brain is a recurring hackathon by Waag society and Total Active Media. I produced a video ‘showreel’ for winning new partners and a short documentary. Music was composed and produced by Peter Lok.

Fabric designs ‘Grun’

A series of fabric designs used for costumes in the theatre play ‘Grun’, commissioned by Linda Eijssen. Original sketch work was translated into prints of minimal 100×100 cm.

© Saris & den Engelsman

Stop the wiretaps

A mini campaign with one interaction: ‘STOP!’

The young liberals from the JOVD (linked to political party ‘VVD’) find the massive wiretapping of innocent people unacceptable and wants the position of the VVD (currently in government) to shift on this topic.

In 2 days a mini campaign was developed, putting the wiretapping numbers in a context, to be presented to the Minister of Justice at a public event.


How do you design an identity that is attractive for both conservative and liberal Members of European Parliament?

The end result was a visual design and website with a classic layout, where every element has a functional essence. The logo represents the quest for freedom. A shape that is open or closed, depending on the perspective of the viewer.

The logo design by GWER. Technology by Maximize Media. Photography by Marnix Petersen

Piet Grouls – van Mourik Architects

During the shoot of the Forbo campaign, the interview with Piet Grouls delivered us much more interesting footage than expected. The aesthetic emptiness of the new police station will never be the same, since it’s now in use 24/7, 365 days per year.

Camera work by Ralph Lindsen